Steps to Curbside Composting

Follow these simple steps to get started with curbside composting.
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Step 1

Visit our subscriptions page to select your food waste pickup plan and sign up.

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Step 4

Add food waste and other compostables to your bucket. Make sure you know what to compost.

Our list is a good resource.

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Step 2

We deliver a collection bucket right to your doorstep on next upcoming service day.

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Step 5

Leave your full bucket out, in view from street, night before your pickup day. If you need more than one bucket to collect your compostables, contact us to get a second.

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Step 3

Add a liner to your bucket. Always use 100% BPI-approved compostable liners, buy your own or get one from us here.

Organic Compost

Step 6

Your bucket gets emptied every week and the waste is taken to our composting facility.

By taking these steps you will help divert your food waste away from a landfill and reduce the carbon footprint! Have Questions?