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Steps to Curbside Composting

Follow these simple steps to get started with curbside composting.
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Step 1

Visit our subscriptions page to select your food waste pickup plan and sign up.

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Step 4

Add food waste and other compostables to your bucket. Make sure you know what to compost.

Our list is a good resource.

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Step 2

We deliver a collection bucket right to your doorstep on next upcoming service day.

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Step 5

Place your full bucket out on porch or at garage, in view from street, night before your pickup day. Do not place near curb as it will be stolen.  If you need more than one bucket to collect your compostables, if your bucket is damaged, lost, or stolen, visit website and purchase new one.

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Step 3

Add a liner to your bucket. Always use 100% BPI-approved compostable liners, 6-8 gallon size.  

Organic Compost

Step 6

Your bucket gets emptied every week and the waste is taken to our composting facility.

By taking these steps you will help divert your food waste away from a landfill and reduce the carbon footprint! Have Questions?

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