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West U & Southside Place, Greater Heights Residents ONLY

  • Mass Community Participation Required
  • Weekly Curbside Pickup - Currently on Tuesdays for West U & Southside Place, and Monday for Greater Heights. (Bucket will be delivered on first service after subscribing, if you subscribed before Thursday Noon.  Start collecting at that time.)
  • No Contamination Accepted.  By Subscribing you are acknowledging you have read both the What To Compost & No Contamination Pledge tabs
  • Purchase of Collection Bucket is REQUIRED.  
  • Vacation Service Suspension Available.  No Payment Suspension or Refunds Available.
  • Apartment or Code Access Community Subscribers - you are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date access codes.  Crew will not call or text, nor wait for access.  Billing will not be adjusted for missed services due to lack of access.

Neighborhood Service - West U, Southside Place, Greater Heights ONLY

Price Options
Neighborhood Service
West U & Southside Place, Greater Heights Residents ONLY
$10.00every month until canceled
  • Great Heights service area is Loop 610 on North, I-45 on East, I-10 on South, and White Oak Bayou on West.

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