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About Us

We are a family owned business located in The Woodlands TX. We love our world and are dedicated to our beautiful community. As a strong advocate for less waste and more efficient sustainable practices, we introduced Zero Waste Houston – a "food waste/compostables" pick up service. We accommodate the needs of those who are trying to make a change, no matter how much food waste they have. For those who have a lot more waste, we create a "Waste Profile Analysis" as a plan of action to significantly lower waste management costs. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Loss Project, we throw away more than 25 percent—some 25.9 million tons—of all the food we produce for domestic sale and consumption. A 2004 University of Arizona study pegs the figure at closer to 50 percent, finding that Americans squander some $43 billion annually on wasted food, not to mention the tax burden on citizens that pay for it all to be hauled to our landfills. We have pledged to reducing the burden on landfills, reducing greenhouse gases, regenerating our soil, heightening awareness of individual family’s ability to create less waste, and promoting awareness to the next generation -- the easiest thing the general consumer can do to help improve the environment.

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