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Residential Composting Services starting at $10

How to compost with us:

1. Review our section "What to Compost" and our contamination pledge at the bottom of this page.

2. Purchase a bucket below.
This is a one-time fee of $25 that is required in order for us to pick up your food waste.

3. Identify and purchase the appropriate subscription service.

4. Recieve your bucket on service day.

5. Start collecting food scraps.

6. Place your full bucket out on your porch or at the garage, in the view from the street, THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR PICKUP DAY. Do not place it near the curb as it could be stolen. 

Residential Subscription Services

4. Start collecting.

What to compost

List of accepted food waste and compostables. This is not all inclusive list but can be used as a general reference.


  • Bones

  • Bread/Grains

  • Coffee Grounds

  • Dairy

  • Egg Shells

  • Fried Food

  • Freezer-burned Food

  • Fruit

  • Meat

  • Moldy Food

  • Nuts/Seeds

  • Seafood/Shells

  • Compostable Serviceware

  • Compostable Bags

  • Compostable Cups

  • Coffee Filters

  • Tea Bags (staple removed)

  • Fur/Hair

  • Newspaper

  • Old Flowers

  • Paper Napkins/Towels

  • Vegetables

  • Vegetarian Pet Bedding

  • Wood Ash


  • Cat/Dog Poop

  • Diapers

  • Glass

  • Glossy Papers

  • Metal

  • Plastic or Plastic Wrap

  • Staples from Tea Bags

  • Fruit and vegetable stickers

  • Styrofoam

  • Tape

  • Treated Wood or Treated Wood Sawdust

  • Twist Ties

Contamination Pledge

To Successfully acknowledge the "No Contamination Pledge" all you need to do is read through our "What To Compost" section & this "No Contamination Pledge".  By just subscribing/registering we assume you have done this and understand the importance of 0% contamination in your Collection Bucket/Container.     

To successfully create compost, we must combine yard waste with food waste. If any of the materials that go in the compost pile ARE NOT compostable, the composting process is hindered and ultimately contaminated. 

Contamination in compost is similar to littering; would you peel your fruit sticker and throw it on the ground? Would you dispose of your aluminum foil in your garden bed? Or would you bury plastic bags when you are planting a tree? The answer to those questions is a big "NO". 

NO: plastic bags, rubber bands, twist ties, plastic produce clips, foil, product sticker on fruits & veggies, wax coated paper products, rubber wine corks, and many more.  If you are not sure please reach out to us.

The composting process needs to be as clean as possible and this requires direct supervision of what goes into your compost bucket.

If contaminants are found in your collection bucket on a continual basis your service will cease.

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