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Commercial Composting
Houston & The Woodlands TX

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- Is your business interested in composting?
We help businesses save $$ by diverting food scraps away from the landfill and turning it into compost!

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- How does the service work? 
We offer the most affordable weekly pick-up service in Houston and The Woodlands. Once you sign up, we will deliver a 55-gallon drum to you and swap for a clean bin every week. 

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- How can you sign up? If your business is located within the "610 loop" in Houston or in The Woodlands you qualify for the $30 swap program.
If your business is located inside "Beltway 8" but outside the "610 loop", then you qualify for $40 swap program.

Click HERE to sign up for "Commercial Composting". 

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Once you sign up, we will deliver a 55-gallon drum (see image). Then, weekly we swap for a clean one. The price per swap is ONLY $30 (or $40) and each drum can store up to 870 lbs. of food waste.  
Excellent for indoor or outdoor use, corrosion free & dent-resistant. Comes with Quick-Locking lids. 

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We suggest purchasing your own "drum truck" or dolly for your own use, but we will use our own when servicing.
Don't know where to buy one? Click HERE

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So what happens with the food waste?
Instead of the landfill where it will turn into pollution, we deliver food waste to a composting facility where it will turn into nutrient-rich compost. A commodity that can help feed the soil food web, store carbon in the soil, prevent waste, mitigate climate change, perpetuate a circular economy, etc

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Need Training or Data Reporting? We've got you taken care of, we can train your personnel in both English and Spanish. Also, we provide monthly data reporting of weight diverted and environmental impact translation. 


If your business signs up before December 31, 2023, you will receive .5 cubic yard of compost once a year.

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