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REQUIRED One Time Purchase for ALL New Curbside Pick-Up Customers. Outdoor/Indoor Airtight 5 Gallon Food Grade Bucket with Gamma Lid to place your food waste and compostables.  You will need to purchase BPI Approved 100% Compostable bags.  Either 6-8 gallon that will fit the Collection Bucket, or many use the 2.3 Gallon bags in a kitchen collection container, tie shut when full, and drop those bags into the collection bucket.


Place collection bucket on ADDRESS SIDE of your home, up by front door or garage door, IN VIEW FROM STREET, the night before service. DO NOT place at curb as it will get stolen.  Zero Waste is not responsible for missing, damaged or stolen buckets.  O-Ring replacements are available on Amazon and some box retailers.


If you are purchasing Collection Bucket to use at a Self-Serve Location you will need to contact office at 832-803-2007 (call or text) to make arrangements to get your bucket.  


Price includes delivery.

Collection Bucket (REQUIRED for Curbside Pick-Up subscriptions. Click Details.)

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