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The Woodlands wastes approx. 28+ million lbs of food!

Welcome to our blog! I have been thinking about how much interest people have in making a positive impact on the planet. Herein, food waste pick-up is a great way for people who live in urban communities to significantly lower their environmental impact.

The food we waste accounts for roughly 8% of global emissions (, 2019) and out of a list of 100 solutions we can adopt to make a difference, reducing food waste is ranked #3 followed by Plant-Rich Diet!

According to a Waste Management Report to The Woodlands Township (, 2015) the total trash materials collected in 2015 was 48,187 tons or 96,374,000 lbs! Granted, the says 30-40% of that trash is food waste; that means The Woodlands throws away an approximate 28-39 MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD every single year!

Time for CHANGE!

It's time to make a change and make it quick! We have partnered with local businesses to divert the food waste from going to the landfill; allowing food waste to decompose in landfills creates methane which is 28x more toxic than carbon dioxide.

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